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Salt River Sculpture Studio

Photo Gallery

WORKS IN PROGRESS WORKS IN PROGRESS Hands Down--Perfect 10 Portion of an installation never displayed involving my hands and belly button cast from my grandparents candlewax found in our third generation home. Accompanying images are a wildlife feeder not pictured. I'm anxious to display this some day to share with an audience. Jason 197951075 My Papa, Permanently Reclining The bedford limestone recliner is to be a copy of my Papa's recliner, the sole piece of furniture found in my family's third generation home where my wife and I founded our family in 2001. Expected completion date summer of 2015. Contact Jason G Kelty for purchase information as the sculpture is intended to be for display and sell summer 2015. Jason 197951118 Heron Not Alone In 1997, as an English and Art major at Bellarmine University, I wrote the poem "UnCommon Ground." When I created this mixed media Blue Heron in 2014, I realized I was revisiting the same notions I was in that poem from years ago. The theme: while tempted to stay alone, I was yearning for connection. The poem, with an edited line, follows: UnCommon Ground I stand A stiff-legged hard-nosed heron My nose above my ears Peering at our sky Scoffing the world wandering by Believing I could go it alone That I can make my own happy home. Who needs another? I want no more hurt from my sister or brother. My lone legs are weakening. Jason Kelty 197951354 Our Story "Looking Back, Moving Forward" is the driving mission of a comprehensive effort to enlighten the community of Bullitt County, Kentucky. We will recall our past and imagine our future with respect to our present. "Our Story" is a developing site specific sculpture meant to illustrate our community's story. Sited on the Bullitt County Board of Education's adjacent property that houses two historic one room schools, "Our Story" will hopefully be a collaborative limestone 'scrapbook' designed and created by all Bullitt County students, community members, and lead artist Jason Kelty. 197952242 Half the Man "Half the Man" is a diptych referencing my late Papa and the current version of me. I am literally and figuratively half the man my Papa was. The men in my life have had profound influence on my life's direction. This work in progress is composed of a mixed media illustration of my Papa, pictured on the left from an old snapshot of him in his twenties at Bernheim Forest. I am the right figure, composed from the negative lines of my Papa's photograph. The images are strikingly similar and prophetic. I remember, and I look forward, remembering. Jason 197952348 198582177 198582178 198582179 198582180 198582181 198582182 198582183 198582184 198582185 198582186