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Salt River Sculpture Studio

Unstapling the Reynold's Building

Jason Kelty

Removed staples, found butter knife, plaster and table


Lakewood Bruin in early stages

Jason G. Kelty


4' x 5' x 6'



LESSON PLAN FEATURES FOR COLLABORATION ON "OUR STORY." Follow this developing community project by perusing the growing images in the 'Photo Gallery'

  • 24 images interpreted by the following, according to their unique interpretation:
  • all 12 Bullitt County Elementary Schools
  • all 6 Bullitt County Middle Schools
  • all 5 Bullitt County Secondary Schools
  • A collaborative community image created by the Bullitt County citizenry.
  • Historical images shall be selected by the Bowman Valley Schools Committee and invited community members.
  • Historical images will be given to the entities above for visual interpretation (via drawing, painting, photography…) After selection by entities, the representative winning image, which must adhere to pre-prescribed dimensions determined by lead artist, Jason G. Kelty. Kelty will in turn interpret each image for execution in the Bedford Limestone that will compose the site specific sculpture, “Our Story.”
  • Additionally, artists whose images were selected will be invited to participate in the rendering of their image onto “Our Story.”
  • All Bullitt County students, as well as the community members of Bullitt County, will be eligible to participate in the carving of “Our Story,” sited adjacent to the Bullitt County Board of Education, Shepherdsville, Kentucky. Specific summer camps will be provided, free of charge, to a limited number of participants during the summer of 2015. Anticipated camps include: Elementary, Middle, Secondary, Gifted and Talented Bullitt County students, and a community week. Furthermore, ongoing opportunities exist to participate along side artist Jason G. Kelty. Kelty, a Shepherdsville artist and sculptor maintains his Salt River Sculpture Studio within walking distance of “Our Story”’s hopeful site. As chair of Bullitt East’s Fine Arts Department, Kelty is exhilarated and humbled by this potential collaborative effort involving his hometown, his friends and neighbors, and his family--employees and students of the Bullitt County educational system. A system that Looks Back, and Moves Forward.



Keep a sketchbook. Draw and write daily. Observations, epiphanies, thoughts, concerns...

Keep another sketchbook. One that stays by your side. Call it a journal, a diary, a daily dose

of fiction.

Make a straight line a curve.

Make a bright color dull.

Make a shape resemble a form.

Photograph what is directly behind you, then react to it in by inverting the image.

Arrange material you find into a 'drawing' of what you found.


Keep a pencil. Write and draw on anything at hand (maybe even your hand.)

Make a "pencil." Write and draw with anything other than a pencil.

Paint a temporary picture on a public wall using a subject the owner--whose permission you have--'painted' using natural or other temporary 'dyes' found within the specific place. You have created a site-specific artwork.